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People are sharing the thing it’s always worth splashing out for once a month – 18 prerequisite purchases

Money’s tight, so everyone is trying to watch what they spend at the moment. Well, maybe not everyone.

But even when times are hard – actually, especially when – some things are worth it, if you can afford it at all.

So when Reddit user Specialist_Bread_527 asked the following question, they got some interesting responses:

What’s one thing that is worth spending money on once a month?

We’ve read all the answers – well, quite a few of them – so you don’t have to and these 18 have shot to the top of our shopping list. Not that we can afford all of them, obviously.


“A good night in/out (depending on preference).

Just one night where you do get a glass of wine with dinner, get the slightly fancier food, and just enjoy.”


“I see a movie once a month in a theater. I like seeing movies in a theater over my living room. I get the popcorn, drink, it’s an experience for me that I enjoy.”


“I will 100% pay more for direct flights or better connections.”


“Flying with young kids within the same continent, I always pay the premium for a reasonable time too. I’m not waking them up at 4am or keeping them up till midnight.”


“My wife and I just hired someone to start monthly deep cleans next month, and we are really looking forward to it. As a tightwad, I was pretty opposed to the idea at first, but now I’m realizing that I can literally pay money to get my weekends back and my house cleaned. That value is huge.”


“A relaxing massage. It’s a great way to de-stress and take care of your body and mind.”


“Something self care based. A sweet treat, a massage, a new book, some lego, a good burger or whatever! Everyone deserves to show themselves some love on a regular basis. It does wonders for your mental health.”


“A haircut, never fails.”


“Good coffee! Seriously, a good brew can make your mornings feel like a treat without breaking the bank every day.”