Just when you think this snapshot of (some) America can’t get more extreme, he outdoes himself

This interview courtesy of @TheGoodLiars has just gone viral on Reddit, and just when you think its snapshot of America – or at least, some of it – can’t get more extreme, he outdoes himself.

‘murica,’ said Dvorozhetskii who shared it on the subReddit ‘facepalm’ for reasons that will become increasingly, devastatingly obvious (and just in case you don’t know, the interviewer is a satirist and comedian, the person being interviewed, unfortunately not).

Facepalm of the week, no contest.

‘Fuuuckin hell 🤦‍♂️’

‘I started writing a whole thing but saw your comment and went yeah, that about sums it up.’

‘Longer I live, more I see, the stronger conclusion:

‘People should take a compulsory test before being allowed to breed. Otherwise the humanity is fucked.’

‘Coming from someone that’s never watched another person die.’

‘No no, it’s an execution not a murder.’

‘They trust teachers with guns but not with textbooks and our own curriculum.’

‘If “uneducated” was an accent this is it.’

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Source Twitter @TheGoodLiars Reddit u/Dvorozhetskii