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Somebody has mocked up a video game of ‘The Bear’ and it’s as hilariously stressful as the TV show

Like many others we’re big fans of intense US comedy-drama show The Bear and are currently gorging on season 3 which has just come out on Disney+.

We admit, however, that we’ve never before considered that it would make a good video game. Luckily for us all, though, talented ‘digital sketch’ comedian Michael Kandel did have that thought and also had the skills (and friends) to show us all what it would look like.

It’s delicious stuff.

Truly wonderful with so much attention to detail that we’re going to have to watch it again to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

Others were similarly impressed.






And here are the full credits for that remarkable piece of art, along with an equally hilarious bonus video.


These guys running around Tokyo like they’re in a video game is incredibly well done

Source Michael Kandel Screengrab