This idiot who interrupted someone’s wash got exactly what was coming to them and it’s peak satisfaction

As if it wasn’t difficult enough having to share your washing machine with other people, it’s a whole new level of irritating when someone interrupts your wash and takes out your load just so they can do their laundry instead.

Except that’s precisely what happened to this person in the note that’s just gone viral on Reddit, and their revenge was a most satisfying read.



The person who stopped the washer in the middle of my wash cycle and took my clothes out just to wash yours …


Unfortunately for you, so am I. You can find your wet clothes frozen outside in the snow.

Any problems? Come see me in 301.

‘Plot twist, note writer lives in 211, 301 stole their parking spot.’

‘My favorite part is that the tape is a bandaid.’

‘A happy face band-aid. Ironic.’

And it prompted people to share similar stories of their own …

‘Someone turned off the cold water to the washer. All my expensive (to me) work sweaters washed in hot water and shrunk. All were ruined. 35 years ago and I still hold a grudge.’

‘Once I found somebody else had put their laundry in the dryer with mine. So I removed theirs, ran it under the water in the sink and left it there. I salute you!!’

‘All of my clothes disappeared at a laundromat once.’

‘Months later at the same laundromat I saw some of my old clothes including a staff uniform from an old job states away- definitely my stuff. I took them all mid wash. I didn’t get all my missing clothes back but they had some nice things including designer pants and dress shirts I assume were also stolen.

‘I waited nearly an hour to see the guy come to find his washer empty. I took the wet clothes to another laundromat to rewash them and went to that laundromat from then on. I should have staked out the old one for that guys car and kept stealing his clothes, he had fancier tastes than me and we were the same size.


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Source Reddit u/proviking6000