This attempt to scare a cat backfired in hilarious fashion (wait for it …)

This is what happens when you try to out-cat a cat, a fabulous little clip which has just gone viral after it was shared by Art3mik over on Reddit.

Wait for it, wait for it …

Didn’t see that coming … But maybe (definitely) we should.

‘Cat knew she was there the entire time for sure.’

‘Cats have superman sense of smell and hearing. The cat can hear you breathe 😂 there is levels to this.’

“I’ll hide from this animal that can feel air movement changes with it’s whiskers, and hear bugs walking from another room.”

‘You merely adopted the sneak. I was born in it, molded by it.’

And people also loved this.

‘I used to play games like this with a cat I had when I was like 12.

‘I would hide behind something and when she walked by i would jump out and give her a little scare. But this cat was smart, she caught on really fast. She started to hide herself, and when you walked by she would swipe at your feet.

‘When you got so scared you where literally jumping, that’s when she got up on her back legs and still tried to hit you. She really loved that game but gave my whole family heart attacks. She also loved hide and seek.

‘I miss that cat every day.’

Source Reddit u/Art3mik