Ian Hislop tearing into the government for putting asylum seekers in hotels is magnificently done

It’s always a joy when Ian Hislop is invited to be a panellist on BBC1’s Question Time and Thursday night’s edition didn’t disappoint.

There was this moment when the Private Eye editor got home office minister Robert Jenrick to denounce his own party.

And we mention it because it wasn’t the only moment Hislop comprehensively owned the Conservative MP.

The Private Eye man also comprehensively deconstructed the government’s policy of putting asylum seekers up in hotels for months and sometimes years at a time, following the appalling violence outside a Merseyside asylum hotel.

Just magnificently put.

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it today.

And finally, because we can’t get enough of Hislop on last night’s QT, this.

Oh go on then, and this.

Source Twitter @implausibleblog