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How pre-packed sandwiches are made may put you off meal deals for life

Reddit’s r/InterestingAsFuck forum is very a much a ‘does what it says on the tin’ sort of thing.

While there’s no doubt that Green____cat‘s post of sandwich production lines from the Discovery Channel’s ‘How It’s made’ fits the brief, it’s mostly because it’s the least appetising thing that’s technically still edible.

See for yourself.

How pre-packaged sandwiches are made
byu/Green____cat ininterestingasfuck

If only they’d invented some sort of covering for the hands that might make the whole process a little more hygienic.

Reddit was appalled.

Man I get it’s being mass produced and I shouldn’t expect quality but man those are some of the worst looking sandwiches I have ever seen.

Those sandwiches of despair are always better with a bag of chips.

That looks like the most depressing job in the world.

No gloves while working on a sandwich line for 8 hours. So as you sweat the sweat just goes into the food. I highly doubt they are rewashing their hands every 30 minutes.

Why pay for salt when your employees would season them for free?

Confused why some parts of the production do have gloves and others don’t. Touch the bread? No glove. Meat log? Glove. Meat slices? No gloves. Like what is the logic?!

It’s the absolutely dead eyed, soulless factory workers that gets me. Every single one of them is miserable.

Yo everyone there’s cameras here today. Make sure you’re covered head to toe in plastic except for the part of you that touches the sandwiches.

All the complaints here about gloves and I’m the only one losing my mind over not getting 2 halves of the same sandwich.

They skipped the step where they put it all in the middle so it looks big but it’s just bread for the rest of it.

Now I’ll never buy another premade sandwich without wondering who bought the other halves. We’ll always be connected yet never know. Like secret sandwich sisters.

Bread? Neat slices.

Ham log? Neat slices.

Cheese? Buckshot, baybee!

How It’s Made.

I used to fall asleep to this show all the time.

NWSamurai was impressed – sort of.

It’s amazing how much effort goes into disappointing hungry people at gas stations.

SecondTheThirdIV walked a different path.

I’ve eaten many a supermarket sandwich in my time and let me tell you, this video has changed nothing. I’d eat the fuck outta these.


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