A Question Time audience member’s assessment of Tory immigration policy hit the bullseye

Thursday’s Question Time was a lively one, with Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick, Labour MP Sarah Jones, journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Tory Peer Ken Clarke and Alan Partridge tribute act Richard Madeley.

The panel were asked about the latest rerun of the Tories’ recurring failed immigration policy.

This audience member was well and truly off the fence on the matter.

They can’t run on their governing record, there’s sewage in the rivers, inflation is through the roof, living standards are beyond the floor.

They can’t run on individuals or personalities. They have ex-chancellors who don’t pay tax. They have another ex-chancellor who knew the currency was going to run … so he told his former employers to bet against it.

So what do they have left? All they have left is division and this is all this policy is about.

The applause he got in the studio was replicated in virtual form online.

This was a common sentiment.

He may never need to buy his own pint again.


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