We’ve all seen TV shows that start like this – just not as funny

Comedian, actor and ‘Room Next Door man’ Michael Spicer has metaphorically bottled the essence of a certain genre of British TV show, and we defy the heads of programming to show us the lie.

“I’ve also been abroad doing lots of expensive things that you could never afford to do.”

YouTube users were all over it.

I’d absolutely watch a series of this. Needs more condescending interactions with locals, though. Can that be arranged?
Dr James Alsop

You “travel around again” so us poor plebs won’t have to. We thank you for your service.

This is exactly why I don’t watch television anymore, instead I watch your videos showing me what I have not missed. Absolutely brilliant, and spot on.
Sandra Holmes

As a foreigner that has watched a lot of BBC: This is accurate.

Michael Portillo has been really quiet ever since this came out.
Finn Lawrence-Knight

Michael (Spicer, not Portillo) posted the sketch on Twitter, where it’s had well over a million views in two days – not to mention a lot of very positive feedback.

This sounds about right.


Michael Spicer’s homage to 1970s public information films is exactly as unhinged as the real ones

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