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Rishi Sunak said it’s not over til it’s over after England’s last-ditch win and James O’Brien’s comback hit hardest

Never mind all that stuff about sports and politics not mixing, Rishi Sunak naturally attempted to jump on the England bandwagon after the team’s extraordinary last ditch win over Slovakia earned them a place in the Euros quarter finals.

Never let it be said he’s not a 100% genuine football loving man of the people, right? Just one with a net family worth of £651m, obviously,

And his tweet earned no shortage of very funny and totally on-point responses which we’ve rounded up here.

But the best surely went to LBC presenter James O’Brien.

Back of the net!

Like this lot.

In one word.


Rishi Sunak’s shot at tying his party’s fortunes in with England’s skin-of-the-teeth success landed in row Z – 19 fifty-yard screamers

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