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This BBC News man was commiserating with fans live on air when England’s equaliser went in and everything about it was just fabulous

ITV was lucky enough to be showing England’s extraordinary last-gasp win over Slovakia at the Euros yesterday but the BBC also got a bit of the action (and we’re not talking Radio 5 Live).

Over on BBC News reporter Joe Inwood was asking a couple watching on the big screen what fate would befall Gareth Southgate with England 1-0 down with one minute to go when this happened.

And everything about it (including the entirely forgivable – well, kind of – error) was just fabulous.

And nice work by the camera operator not to get too much of the big screen and land his employees with an enormous bill for the rights.

And it was Paul Scott back in the studio.

Brilliant. Almost better than the real thing.


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Source @BBCJoeInwood