A compilation of Hacker T. Dog and Lauren Layfield shows they were so much more than ‘just innocent men’

If you’re familiar with CBBC – the BBC’s channel for school-age children – you’ll have encountered Hacker T. Dog, the puppet with the gruff northern voice and the abiity to make watching kids’ TV a lot more entertaining for parents.

The world (Okay, then – the internet.) may never recover from the wildly viral clip of Hacker – or Phil Fletcher, if you want to get technical – and presenter Lauren Layfield that went wildly viral last year.

Here it is, in all its comedic glory.

A compilation of Lauren trying to cope with Hacker’s ad libs has surfaced – and it’s another masterpiece.

We don’t know how Lauren ever kept a straight face at all, to be honest.

Tweeters loved the pair’s chaotic interactions.

We suspect merchandise may be on the horizon – though probably not from the BBC shop.

Hacker’s alter ego had the only acceptable response.


CBBC’s Hacker T. Dog went viral with this absolutely barking blooper

Source Basil Cabana Image Screengrab