Greggs had the fabulous final word after Sarah Vine said she paid £23.50 for 2 sausage rolls

To the world of Sarah Vine – no, stick with us, please – where the Daily Mail columnist (among many other things) has been travelling through Clapham Railway station.

We know this because she’s been tweeting about it. Not only that, she bought two sausage rolls there and apparently paid £23.50 for the pair. £23.50!

They weren’t even antique, just bought from a ‘normal kiosk’, apparently.

Insane indeed, and it prompted no end of questions and befuddlement, not to mention outright scepticism.

And of all the memorable responses ….

… this exchange was surely the best.

Last word to Vine, who said it was all totally true and she has the receipt to prove it.

So she wasn’t telling porkies, she was eating them (well actually her kids were, she bought the sausage rolls for them but anyway …) Next!

Source Twitter @WestminsterWAG