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The search is over – we’ve found the most delusional dating profile of all time

We’re grateful to u/dysfunctionaldoo for sharing this alarming attempt to attract women, because it’s spectacularl;y cringeworthy – and you know how much we like that sort of thing.

Where would you even start with such a skip fire of a profile? We’ll leave it to Reddit users.

Whew! Even as a straight guy, I gotta admit I’m pretty turned on by the warlord potential.

That could have been alllllll yours if you had refused the jab.

Now look at you! You got no man AND your microchip!

Telling anyone who is vaccinated “your to dumb” got me.

Bet his occupation was grandma dying and leaving it to him

I work with a dude like this, he’ll do nothing and blame it on everyone else

How on earth is this “warlord” single? I guess they are all vaxxed against him.

I like how he says “taller than Tom Hardy”… As if people think Tom Hardy is good looking strictly based on height.

He lost me at “pure blood”.

KonaGirl_1960 spotted an ironic backdrop to the man saying “No addictions (including to food).

I like the snack foods pictured with him. 😂I’m crushed that I don’t meet his criteria.🙄


Could this be the best dating profile ever?

Source r/facepalm Image r/facepalm, Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash