Norm Macdonald’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire 50:50 featured a funny coincidence and his reaction made it even better

Canadian stand-up comedian and Saturday Night Live legend, Norm Macdonald, remains very much missed since his premature death in 2021.

Clips of his interviews and routines appear regularly across social media, reminding us all how truly funny he was.

In 2020, he won $500,000 on the US version of Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, despite a hiccup with this question.

‘If I perhaps say “Hey, I think it might be Madrid or Lisbon.” and then the 50:50 comes up, it’s not going to say ‘Madrid or Lisbon’ is it?’

‘You don’t know.’

‘Okay. But there’s not a dude in the back going …’

‘No. These are locked in. They’ve been locked in for months.’

There was a one-in-six chance of that happening, so it’s not a huge coincidence, but Norm’s reaction made it both suspicious and funny.

Tweeters enjoyed seeing the classic clip again.

A ‘Millionaire’ crew member shared this wonderful insight.


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