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This guy who told his fiancee she was only interested in his money got just what was coming to him and it’s magnificent

In an ever more uncertain and troublesome world, it’s always reassuring when someone gets exactly what was coming to them.

And this tale of a woman whose fiancee wouldn’t stop suggesting she was only interested in her money is a small but supremely satisfying example of that.

She went on the subReddit ‘Am I The Asshole’ just to double check she’d done the right thing and, boy, had she done the right thing.

It went viral on Twitter after it was shared by @thechosenberg and best have a read for yourself.

And here it is in full!

And the internet replied as one.

And finally, at the risk of being a little bit niche …

Ah yes, this person!


The hilarious comic timing of this ‘dog behaving badly’ is sheer perfection (wait for it!)

Source @thechosenberg Image Unsplash Sandy Millar