Kitten vs Roomba is the only proof you need that pet cats are related to tigers

It’s easy to remember that domestic cats are the cousins of the tiger, the leopard and the lion when you see this tiny kitten bravely challenging a relentless robot that’s twice its size.

Valiant foster kitten, Pancito, singlepawedly hindering the AI uprising
by u/leotheabys in funny

Reddit users were instant Pancito fans.

I will sleep safer tonight knowing he’s on top of it.

Two floor cleaners.

Jesus christ, it’s Meowson Bourne.

That’s one brave kitty. If my cat even hears mine start up she bolts upstairs where she knows it can’t get her.

DonnyOm had a prediction.

Once Pancito tames the monster well enough to ride it, there will be peace again.


This adorable kitten’s hilariously miscalculated jump is 8 seconds very well spent

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