If only every job ad was as funny (and honest) as this one

Funny job adverts are not something we write about every week, for reasons that are presumably obvious. Honest job ads are similarly thin on the ground.

Which makes this one all the more remarkable, managing to do both at the same time.

It’s a summary of an IT Helpdesk vacancy that went viral on Reddit after it was shared by 8BitSmits who said: ‘Well at least they’re honest …’

Not everything about it put a smile on people’s face, though.

‘That is the most accurate description of a helpdesk job Ive ever seen. Right down to the shit pay. 10/10 for honesty, 0/10 for the shit pay.’

‘Good to know that a job that keeps people from plunging half of Europe into darkness pays 20k.’

‘This is a perfectly reasonable, well written and honest job description that combined a little humor with a fairly candid assessment of the role. I like that.

‘But the pay is about half what it should be. You can’t joke your way out of paying a living wage.’

Source Reddit u/8BitSmits Image Pexels Ron Lach