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This multi-layered auditory illusion has split the room

Whenever the internet throws out another auditory illusion – a trick of the ear, so to speak – they always get people arguing over whether they work or don’t work and who’s saying what.

Over in the studio of New Zealand Radio station The Rock FM, someone had a real beauty of an illusion.

Listen to this and see if it works for you –

@therockfm Now all we can hear is lobsters in motion #fyp #nzradio #foryou ♬ original sound – therockfm

Here were the options given in the room –

That is embarrassing

Rotating pirate ships

That isn’t my receipt

Bart Simpson bouncing

Lobsters in motion

A few minds were blown, and some people heard something not on the list.

What the heck? I’m only hearing it when he says it.

All I hear is “Lactating pharmacy”. I think I’m broken.

I hear “vaccines and viruses”…lol.

I don’t hear any of those. For some reason I’m hearing taxes and arson.

“Glasses and balancing”.

Originally I heard “that isn’t mercy”.

Busses in motion.
Ian Dimer

That, my friends n foes, is called magic with SPELLING!!!
Craig Weribone Wrigh

You can’t win ’em all, though.

“That is embarrassing” every time……

It is, of course, very similar to this viral auditory illusion.

We still haven’t worked out how that one works, either.


Took us far too long to work out what’s going on here and it’s quite the optical illusion

Source The Rock FM Image Screengrab