‘The Guy Who Decides Rugby’ has the hilarious explainer nobody asked for

The wonderful Jimmy Rees is fresh from explaining cricket as ‘The Guy Who Decides’, but he isn’t letting his hapless assistant, Jason, rest on his laurels.

He’s now tackling the rules of rugby – and it’s as hilariously convoluted as you’d expect.

“Goat fighting!”

“Goat fighting? No, no, no. Goats just run and smash heads against each other. We can’t do that.”

“Shut up, Jason. I’m making the rules. They will do something like that.”

Here are a few reactions that say it all.

As a New Zealander it’s always been my secret ‘shame’ that rugby is completely incomprehensible to me. This video hasn’t helped but, l laughed a heap and at least now, l understand why l don’t understand it

I now cannot get the image of a brick wall in cheerleader outfits out of my mind!

As an Australian rugby tragic who’s tears are up to his knees right now, this made me laugh a lot! 🙂

Brilliant – I’m not at all a sports fan, and this explains why perfectly!

Not even the guy who explains can explain a Maul…

Brilliant! (give this guy Eddie Jones’ job…)

Confirmation of what I always suspected – Rugby rules are very confusing.

Rel1379 gave a nod to Jimmy’s acting skills.

Amazing how Jimmy manages to be 2 completely different people even though the only difference is the glasses.
Oh and the drinking, the spitting of the drink and the almost incoherent utterances.

Wait …it’s just Jimmy??


‘POV: You’re from London’

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