‘POV: You’re from London’

Jimmy Rees knows how things tick, and he’s absolutely brilliant at sharing that knowledge through humour.

Sometimes it’s as the Guy Who Decides …

But he also makes POV – point of view – sketches, showing all the components of the life of – well, all sorts of people. Like this one about Londoners.

If you’re from London, remember he’s joking.

“Not being able to afford the basic necessities in life including your rent, but paying £30 for a burger.”

from Burn GIFs via Gfycat

YouTubers thought he’d nailed it – mostly.

Perfectly sums up my eight years in London 😆
Paul Maxwell-Walters

Very true! I’m from Manchester and it’s quite fun to scare Londoners with a cheery hello 😂

Every single bit PERFECT! Moved there in 2004, came back 2020 (lockdown) going back next year. Can’t wait to see those grey skies again!!! 😆😆😆
Svati Singh

I am from London!! And a lot of this… right on the money!
Paul Griffiths

Oh no this got so personal! I live in zone 6 haha, my family convinced me to move from zone 2 to 6 by saying “This technically is London”. For the first 2 years i stuck to my story that this is London! I have given up now. My walking pace has become too relaxed for London.
Priyanshu Nath

“Anyone in zone 6 thinking they’re in London” *Hounslow has entered the chat*
Becster Brisbane

In defence of Londoners –

As a tourist in London needing to find gumboots for before going into Reading Festival- gotta say the patrons in a random pub and asking them “Where do I buy gum boots?” being met with very blank faces, then saying “wellies! where can I buy wellies?!” they were SUPER helpful, got shop names AND directions.

Other times randomly asked if I needed directions or help(when I was clearly lost/looking at maps/double or triple backing to a main point) and readily offered help when I actually asked, too. Was a great experience for me there tbh..! But I 100% agree on the other points, especially missed the Tube and 17 degrees, shirts off!


‘POV: You’re a Stay At Home Parent’ might be a little too on the nose

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