This Question Time woman killed Jacob Rees-Mogg with compassion and the look on his face says it all

A ray of light shone through on BBC1’s Question Time on Thursday night and it’s not often we write that.

In a discussion of the government’s immigration policy and their failed (and outrageous) Rwanda scheme, came this contribution from one particular woman in the audience.

And it’s 49 seconds very well spent.

‘You know how stressful moving house is .,. Just think what situation the people would be in … They’re not just moving house … They’re taking their families … They’re walking for miles …

‘Should we really be addressing that agony with policies of fear … Or should we be looking with compassion thinking what can we do so people don’t have to leave their homes’

Thoughts and prayers for Jacob Rees-Mogg, killed with kindness on live TV.

Here’s the woman herself …

… and just a few of the many things people were saying about it.

And finally, over to spoof Tory MP, Sir Michael Take.