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Whichever BBC camera operator did this, give yourself a pay rise and take next week off

In a night full of Conservative big beasts losing their seats, perhaps the biggest (well, biggest for 45 days) was Liz Truss.

The former prime minister wrote a book called 10 Years to Save the West but she wasn’t even able to save her South West Norfolk seat despite having a 26,195 majority last time out.

It took Truss a long time to turn up, so much so that a slow hand clap broke out.

And when she did finally show the BBC camera operator was determined to make the most of it.

Give yourself a pay rise and take next week off!

The BBC’s estimable Ros Atkins shared another view.

To conclude …

And also!


Alastair Campbell brutally owning Nadine Dorries over Boris Johnson was spectacular TV (and you don’t even have to like Alistair Campbell)

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