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Gillian Anderson had the best response after Robert Peston ‘confused her’ with Tory Gillian Keegan during ITV’s election coverage

It was an epic election night and we’ve nothing but admiration for the political types who manage to stay awake for the whole thing and are still broadcasting the following morning.

So it was entirely understandable that ITV’s Robert Peston got ever so slightly (and briefly) confused when discussing the former education secretary Gillian Keegan who lost her Chichester seat to the Lib Dems despite having a huge 21,490 majority at the last election.

We didn’t see it ourselves – had long gone to bed, obviously – but it was spotted by a bunch of people on Twitter.

And we mention it not just to list all the people who spotted it (although we have) but because it caught the eye of – who else! – the fabulous Gillian Anderson herself.

Bravo, Gillian Keegan.

To conclude …

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