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Alastair Campbell brutally owning Nadine Dorries over Boris Johnson was spectacular TV (and you don’t even have to like Alastair Campbell)

We were looking forward to watching Emily Maitlis and Krishnan Guru-Murthy take charge of Channel 4’s election night coverage. That was until they announced, somewhat later in the day, that they’d also signed Nadine Dorries.

Which, it’s fair to say, rather took the edge off.

But at least it gave us one of the highlights of the night, Alastair Campbell taking Dorries to task over her undying support for Boris Johnson, which remained undimmed last night, maybe even shining brighter.

And it was simply spectacular.

Here’s the longer clip just in case you want a bit more context.

And it wasn’t the only moment Campbell owned his opposite number.

There was also this (a particular favourite).

And this.

And here’s exactly what people made of that.


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