Dame Judi Dench accidentally sent a birthday message in her birthday suit thanks to the perils of smartphones

Dame Judi Dench‘s candid anecdote, which she shared with BBC Radio 2’s Zoe Ball, revealed an unexpected downside of not being quite up to scratch with all the functions of a smartphone.

That wasn’t all she revealed.

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“I got into my bath and I thought ‘Oh, I must send Chris Logan the happy birthday’, so I picked up my phone and I pressed and I said ‘Chris …happy’ and I just saw these two people turn and go …*gasps*.

Well, it was FaceTiming them.”

Can a person get two damehoods? Because that was so funny we think she deserves another. Here’s how TikTok reacted.

Oh, I am so saving this, it’ll cheer me up when I feel down.

I’m absolutely crying.

National treasure. Love her. What a gift she is.

What an honor though.

Living Legend!!!

There is nothing like a dame!

Bloody brilliant, how many people can say they’ve had a naked birthday message from Dame Judi Dench?
Brenda Bunting240

verrygibbler had a similar story. Or rather, their dad did.

My dad (age 88) was on a church zoom on a Sunday in COVID, he didn’t realise his camera was on, he wasn’t all dressed. never did church zoom again.

Here’s another tiny snippet from the interview, in which Dame Judi confirms that her grandson tells her a rude joke every day.

@bbcradio2 These two have the best relationship! When Zoe Met Dame Judi Dench | Listen now on the Zoe Ball and Friends podcast, via @BBC Sounds ✨ @Sam Williams #damejudidench #judidench #shakespeare #zoeball #zoeballbreakfastshow #bbcradio2 #fyp ♬ original sound – bbcradio2

You can (and probably should) catch the whole interview on BBC Sounds.


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