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Turns out that ‘AI’ Reform UK candidate really is an actual person and his GB News interview just made the whole thing even better

In a wholly unexpected plot twist in the fallout from Labour’s landslide election win, Nigel Farage’s Reform UK has come under pressure to provide evidence that all of its candidates standing in last week’s poll were, you know, real people.

Reform insisted that every one of its 609 wannabe MPs were actual human beings even if some people are having difficulty tracking them down online.

Here’s why people were taking the allegation so seriously.

And one Reform candidate in particular caught people’s imagination – Mark Matlock, who won 4.1% of the vote in the Clapham and Brixton Hill constituency in south London – because, well, look.

And it prompted no end of very funny jokes








Except it turned out that Matlock really was a real person, and his GB News interview just made the whole thing even better.

So much to enjoy but we think we like the ‘I call it fake news’ best. Interesting phrase he’s come up with there – even the GB News man seemed to enjoy it – it might just catch on.

Just in case you’re still not convinced …

And, finally, here’s what Reform MP Richard Tice and Nigel Farage’s right hand man says about it.

Well, almost last word …


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