Life life hacks

People are sharing the life hacks they reckon more people should know – 23 top tips for your back pocket

Life hacks are a bit like shopping in Tesco: every little helps.

We say this after Reddit user littlegayboy asked this over on – you’ll never guess – ‘ask Reddit.’

What is a life hack you think more people should know?

As per usual with these threads, there are some real nuggets of wisdom in there. And we’ve read them all so you don’t have to and these 21 shouted loudest.


“Most of the time keeping your mouth shut is a great option.”


“Being present and being pleasant can get you a long way in life.”


“Two that has had a profound positive effect on my life:

“Go for a 20-30 min walk without any devices every morning, rain or shine

“Listen more than you talk.”


“Don’t walk down or up stairs with your hands in your pockets.”


“If you ever have a reservation for something and they try to charge you to cancel because it’s within whatever window say 24 hours or whatever. Just ask them to reschedule and a lot of times they can push it back a few days and then cancel since you’re now outside the window.”


“A phone call is a request, not an order.”


“People are going to do what they want to do. They’ll cheat, lie, insult you, ignore you, etc. Let them and move on. Don’t argue or dwell. Their loss. You can’t change them or manage their behavior.”


“Remember that nearly everyone you interact with is less competent than they let on.”


“Most people don’t want your advice, they just want you to listen so that they can vent.”


“The 3-4 star reviews (or middle reviews) always have the most accurate information.”