Life money

People have been sharing the ‘dumbest things’ they ever splashed their cash on – 17 exquisite cases of instant buyer’s remorse

A fool and his money are soon parted, as the saying goes.

Step forward these responders to this question on Reddit posed by @MiaCreHose.

“What is the dumbest thing you ever spent money on?”


“My Go-Pro camera 10 years ago. Turns out, I don’t live the exciting life I thought I did.”


“I paid upfront for a 4 year gym contract. Price was mind blowing. I went once in 4 years, my own fault.”


“A pair of Christian Louboutin stilletos that I absolutely could not afford and paid for with my whole credit card limit. I wore them twice. They are INDESCRIBABLY uncomfortable, the soles are paper thin, and the red scrapes off pretty much immediately if you wear them outside. I was young and clearly very stupid.”


“I got my degree in audio engineering right before everyone stopped buying CDs and the music industry completely changed… So that.”


A life-size Danny Devito cardboard cutout. I use him as a seasonal decoration so right now he’s wearing a flower crown. In the winter he become a Christmas tree.”

“I don’t think you read the question right.”


“When I just turned 21, I went to a casino in Vegas where I played War, the card game, for $25 a hand. It was like being in the casino from National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation.”


“When I was around 10 I traded some Pokémon cards for a nude picture from a Hustler magazine.”


“A drone. Drones were such a fad. I bet 90% of people found themselves in a single situation where they thought “Damn, I wish I had a drone here” bought one and never did again.”


“I buy (kinda) expensive ingredients sometimes, and I forget I have them, and they go bad. Multiple times a month probably.”

“Moment of silence for the vegetables we’ve lost this week.

“Lost but not forgotten.”