Piers Morgan wasn’t happy that Mary Earps won the BBC’s Sports Personality prize and this response deserved an award all of its own

It was time once again for the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year awards on Tuesday night and while it’s not the event TV it once was, we’d be very sorry to see it go the way of most of the BBC’s sports rights.

And last night’s overall winner was England goalkeeper Mary Earps who described her prize as the ‘ultimate all-round sporting accolade’. And very well deserved it was too, the first time women have won the prize for three years in a row.

And with a depressing sense of inevitability, there was a certain sort of person who wasn’t happy that Earps won. And when we say a ‘certain sort of person’, we mean Piers Morgan.

And while it prompted no end of totally on-point and super satisfying replies …

… this was surely the best.


Last word to Mary Earps.

And also.

And finally.

And in the unlikely event you need a reminder …

Source @HutchinsonDave