This old clip of Martin Freeman roasting Tim Lovejoy over his Ramones T-shirt just went viral and it’s a fabulously entertaining watch

There are two schools of thought about people who wear t-shirts featuring bands they don’t listen to. Some people think it’s a terrible crime which cheapens the band in question and other folk just think ‘so what?’

The following clip shows that Martin Freeman (The Office, Sherlock, loads more) is firmly in the first camp. He spots that host Tim Lovejoy is wearing a Ramones t-shirt and has a few questions… It’s an entertaining exchange with a few echoes of Alan Partridge (or David Brent) from Tim Lovejoy.

It’s from a TV programme called Tim Lovejoy and the Allstars (nope, us neither) from 2004 which went viral after it was sared by Aidan James over on Twitter.

Martin Freeman is obviously a man who takes music very seriously indeed, almost as seriously as Lovejoy takes himself, you might think.

And it turns out for every person who loved Freeman for doing this, there was a (just about) equal number of people who were firmly in the Lovejoy camp.










And because we were talking Tim Lovejoy, any excuse to resist Jake Yapp’s pitch perfect impression of the great man.

Source @mcandidate