Watch this heckler get hilariously owned into the next decade after messing with the wrong comedian

Stand-up comedian Nataly Aukar, who was born and raised in Lebanon but now lives in New York, works all over the US and is currently on a tour that also takes in Canada and Europe, so she’s had plenty of practice at handling hecklers.

A recent attempt to put Nataly down backfired so spectacularly that the heckler might need to book himself in for a few therapy sessions …which is ironic.

@natyourcolor Maybe I should double my therapy sessions but I won’t!!!!! you know why???? Because im busy on TOUR!! (come see me in CANADA/EUROPE/US link in bio) #comedy #funny #standupcomedy #heckler ♬ original sound – Nataly Aukar

We’re not sure how she managed to inject such sheer savagery into ‘No, please continue’, but we’re here for it – and so were these people.

She laid INTO him and I am HERE for it. This is how you handle a heckler.

Watching this healed something in me.


“I can tell you who’s in therapy it’s your kids for sure” could not have finished him better.

I kept thinking she would stop but she kept going.

As a therapist myself, you read him for filth better than I could.

I loved the gradual escalation from gentle questions to insulting his parenting. Nice work.

That’s so mean. Do it again , and again for those who missed it 🙂 Love thissss.

It’s so funny to me when ppl in the audience try to be funny by being rude and then they end up the punchline and embarrassed.

“No please, continue” like a therapist would say.
Andrea Plazza

She went scorched earth.
Dylan Gutierrez

ZYRiXX nailed it with this comment.

I can’t tell if this is comedy or WWE Raw cause of that absolute smackdown.

As well as TikTok, you can follow Nataly on Instagram and Twitter/X or find out if she is performing near you via this link.


A heckler told a stand-up to ‘move on’ and their hilarious response was just magnificent

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