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When Susanna Hoffs spotted this unlikely looking invite on Twitter and made everyone’s day better

This isn’t the first time Susanna Hoffs has made people’s day on Twitter – and we hope it won’t be the last – but it might also be one of the best.

And we share it again today because it’s the Bangles star’s 65th birthday on Wednesday! (Please don’t let the fact that this makes you feel really old detract from what you’re about to read).

It all started when @PaulSimonMusic tweeted this, about the 56th anniversary of Simon and Garfunkel’s A Hazy Shade of Winter.

And the Bangles singer replied for reasons which will become obvious (if they are not already).

And it was this that was spotted by journalist Barry Glendenning, who had this invite …

… which was unlikely to catch her eye, you might think.

Except … think again.

All hail Susanna Hoffs, displaying a greater level of diplomacy than Liz Truss achieved in her entire time in high office.

Took us right back to when this happened a while ago.

Proof that despite everything going on at the social media site right now, lovely stuff still happens on Twitter.

Happy birthday Susanna!

Source Twitter @SusannaHoffs