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This moment from the Guardian’s behind the scenes Keir Starmer tale had people in hysterics

As you might expect the Guardian had the inside track on Keir Starmer’s landslide election win and was with the Labour leader when the exit poll was announced at 10pm last Thursday.

And there was one moment in particular that caught people’s attention, highlighted by @CeilNoyle over on Twitter.

Unexpected plot twist (and a lot more unexpected than the result itself …)

‘At 9.59pm, the countdown began. Starmer and his wife locked their bodies together. Vic’s left arm stretched around his shoulders to clasp his left hand, while he did the same to reach for her right.

“As Big Ben strikes 10, the exit poll is predicting a Labour landslide,” intoned the BBC. “Keir Starmer will become prime minister with a majority of around 170 seats.”

‘The man they were talking about wrapped both his arms around his wife to share an extravagant kiss. Then he reached out for his 13-year-old daughter. They embraced for a moment but he jolted into a tighter, protective grip as he realised it was all becoming too much.

‘I looked away and stared at the TV as it chattered on. The room suddenly felt hot and, not for the first time since I began writing Starmer’s biography two years ago, I knew this was intruding on something very personal.’

And here’s what people made of that.

And you can read the whole piece here!


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Source Guardian H/T @CeilNoyle