“Not sure of Sainsbury’s understanding of fruit”

A Redditor named u/dom65659 was a bit baffled by this ‘fruit’ quiz in Sainsbury’s – and so, frankly, are we.

They added –

It was on the back of a bag for a children’s lunch meal deal in the café, so not really a product in itself. I thought it was pretty funny.

Other Reddit users agreed.

Crisps, my favourite fruit.

I spent way too long looking at this before realising the answers are written upside down at the bottom.

Sainsbury’s have obviously lost their marbles.

Some intern dozed off and forgot what the theme was, and somehow the mistake made it to an actual run of print? Jesus.

Where I’m from Crisps are classed as fruit. I eat 5 bags a day and i’m super strong just like my Dad.

I got distracted by “I come in bags”.

Read this out to my wife who looked at me and said “Vodka?”

This feels like American schools when they allowed pizza to be classed as a vegetable!

Chips are fruit too. For your health.

If crisps are fruit, I’m the healthiest person in the world.

Most healthy Sainsbury’s in the Midlands.

Lammy82 had a possible explanation.

Feels like maybe the title was originally “Odd One Out” and someone decided to change it without realising the implication.

But -SaC‘s comment was much more relatable.

Oh thank fuck, I’m getting my five a day at last.

Finally, Away-Activity-461 was less concerned wth the crisps than with the banana.

How the hell are these bananas getting doctors appointments?


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