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People have been sharing the most scandalous stories from their rural Ireland village and it’s a wild ride from start to finish


‘My girlfriend’s Dad was the only garda in Graiguenamanagh for a few years in the 70s before moving to Cork. He’s from Mayo originally and in his 80s now. Anyway, I was asking him about what it was like and he said, ‘strange people down there, a lot of bestiality’.


‘Priest didn’t turn up for mass one Sunday.

‘He’d run away with his housekeeper.’


‘A well-known woman in my town said she had cancer, shaved her head, etc. There were a good few fundraisers held for her where a loooooot of money was donated to help her with treatment costs, bills, etc. It was all made up, nothing wrong with her at all, physically anyway.’


‘A local TDs son had a penchant for killing small animals.’


‘I seen on here a few weeks ago that my former local parish priest caused a bookies to close after giving a tip at mass too , the priest we had before him tragically got killed when his own car reversed over him.’


‘Few years back a house went up in flames, everything destroyed.

‘Massive community get together to get a place sorted for the family to live, collections to get them cash to buy clothes, toys, etc.

‘A GoFundMe raised around 100k too, as house insurance would only cover the cost of the original build, not accounting for current infalted costs.

‘Few months later, he did a runner with some of the cash raised, and is trying to lay claim to half the GoFundMe money. Aparently up to his tits in Gambling Debt.’


‘Some amount of riding going on. Would yous not just have a cup of tea instead?’


‘One time my, we heard a loud knock on our neighbours door about 8pm. A kerfuffle could be heard so we(our whole family) went outside to listen and we heard ‘I LOVE YOUR WIFE’ followed by what sounded like a punch and a scuffle. SCANDALOUS.’

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