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People have been sharing the most scandalous stories from their rural Ireland village and it’s a wild ride from start to finish

The Banshees of Inisherin, look to your oats!

Over on Reddit people have been sharing their wildest tales of rural Irish life after Admirable-Deer5909 asked this.

‘Tell me the most scandalous thing in your rural Ireland village’

And they had a tale of their own to kick things off.

‘Our local Garda used to use his Garda time doing house calls to check up on single women.

‘Many the house and shop were burgled when he was on duty, everyone knowing when he was on, no crime being fought. Married with two small kids, probably more kids than that now….. got rumbled when one on of the women’s boyfriends called over reported him.

‘Tell me what’s the most scandally scandalous goings on from your village? No story too much x’

Strapped yourself in? Good. Let’s go …


‘The village I live in had the same parish priest for many years. People used to joke about how his housekeeper was like his wife.

‘Then he retired and they eloped to a different town. They had been in a long term relationship in plain view, but no one genuinely suspected what was actually going on between them.’


‘My cousins husband had another “wife” and two kids living 15mins away, my other cousin woke up while at a house party to find her husband shagging her best friend in the same room.’


‘Funeral Mass taking place for a local known dealer. During the mass, outside near the big tesco about 10 garda vans and more squad cards pull into the estate.

‘The raided 4 houses…all owners were at the funeral.

‘Apparently their phones all wrnt off half way through the mass , as they legged it out . Great stuff to watch from your window. I’ve a view of the church, the estate. Kettle was constantly on.’


‘The missus and I were out driving for a walk to a park one day with the dog, well the dog got sick so we pulled over on an entrance to some house and the farmer that owns it came over to talk to us, make sure we weren’t causing trouble.

‘He tells us he seen us on the cameras he put up and then unprompted tells us this story.

‘He says, sure I out these cameras up there now because something was taking big bear looking shites on my property and I wanted to get a look at the animal that was leaving these fucking things. Well wouldn’t you know one morning i take a look at me phone at the footage and none other than the milkman is taking one of his big dirty guiness shits he takes on my drive most mornings.

‘At that point we had cleaned up and he said, ahh jeyz I must be boring ya so head off now gluck.’


‘A woman was using her fellas cowshed for liaisons with a much younger man. She did not know that he got calving cameras. She’s single now.’


‘Plenty. Local shop was done for charging more at the till than what the price showed on the shelves and were caught with rancid meat. There was a lad rubbing shit under the door handles of cars outside the local church…I could go on.’


‘This was before my time but a dairy farmer down the road from me had an affair with the parish priest. His wife found out when she arrived home to find them in bed together – she left him and the priest was moved to another parish but your man is still living in the village.

‘There was apparently lots of tension in the village afterwards because he was still allowed to be first up the alter rails to kiss the cross that Easter lol.

‘Also it was the same priest who actually officiated the marriage between him and his wife ☠️☠️☠️’


‘One of the girls setup an onlyfans as a joke to see who would sign up, 2 of her first cousins were a few of the first subscribers.’


‘A local drunk. Went to the circus and tried to pet a tiger. It bit his arm off. He put his other arm in to grab his arm. Got that bitten off. He would go around town asking anyone young to pull up his zipper. This is real.’