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Coronation Street legend John Savident has died and this fabulous anecdote is an absolute corker

Very sad news today that Coronation Street favourite John Savident has died, aged 86.

The actor joined Coronation Street back in 1994 and his character, butcher Fred Elliott, was known for his booming voice and habit of repeating himself, captured rather beautifully here.

And especially here.

And we mention him not just because of all the love people had for him on Twitter today, but because of this fabulous story shared by writer Gareth Roberts for reasons which will become obvious.

And just in case that’s tricky to read, here it is in full.

‘My favourite John Savident story (and there were many). As I recall it, as he recalled it to me during my Coro St days.

‘He was stocking up on some Christmas booze one year at a posh off license in the West End. Ahead of him at the counter there’s a woman placing an order. John S thinks, ‘oh damn – I’m sure I’ve worked with her in something, but for the life of me I can’t remember what, or even her name.’

‘So he tries to strike up a conversation – ‘Oh hello, my darling, lovely to see you again!’ – bit of actors’ chat.

‘She’s polite but a bit icy. ‘How’s work? Doing panto this year?’ he asks. ‘No’, she replies, with a bit of a stare.

‘She heads off. John Savident thinks, oh, bit toffee-nosed her, wish I could remember her name and what we were in together, I know that face so well …

‘A moment later the penny drops.

‘Oh God. That was Princess Margaret.’

Just wonderful!

Source @OldRoberts953