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Women have been sharing ‘unwritten examples of girl code’ and these 18 are set in stone


‘I’m sure someone will have a problem with this, but when I’m out and see a chick that looks like she feels uncomfortable in her skin (not uncomfortable in her surroundings mind you) if I pass by her I’ll make sure to to compliment her.

‘Like the other day I saw a chick wearing a dress and was done up nice walking with a dude but she looked pensive. So I rolled my window down and said “that dress looks incredible on you!”

‘She didn’t hear me but her date did and then he got all pumped and was like “she said the dress looks incredible! Right there she just said that!”.’


‘If she says “can you check me” you will let her walk in front of you and you will do the most inconspicuous as possible scan of her ass area for any red stains, then report accordingly.’


‘If you have the means, spare a square.’


‘Never, ever allow a girlfriend to walk back to a car or hotel room alone. We travel in packs for a reason. I don’t care if we are 15 or over 50.’


‘If you need a tampon and I have a spare, it’s yours no worries.

‘If you’re crying in the toilets, yes I’m going to ask why and try to help/commiserate.

‘I will tell you if the tag is sticking out of your clothing.’


‘If you see a group of friends trying to take a group photo selfie style, offer to take the photo. Take several. Tell them they look great.’


‘If someone is making comments about her weight or appearance in general (regardless if it sounds like a joke or not) you give a compliment. There is so much body dysmorphia and eating disorders with young women.’


‘If somebody in the ladies room is throwing up, you wait and make sure that they’re okay before you leave.’


‘Do not…ever…under any circumstances, divulge her deepest secrets.

‘Also, don’t sleep with or even date the man she’s in love with, bitch. (This is actually to a specific person and really shouldn’t need to be said, but there’s always one that needs to hear it) Should I sleep with her new husband? It’s been like 15 years …’


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