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Nasa went into orbit with its fabulous eclipse joke that put all the rest in the shade

Just in case you hadn’t already noticed, there was a rather stunning eclipse which made headlines around the world even if you weren’t in north American to see it.

And very stunning it was too, with amazing footage such as this.

And this!

We rounded up 27 of our favourite jokes over here but maybe the best gag went, entirely appropriately, to the good people of Nasa.

There’s a Nasa sun and space account on Twitter, you see (very possibly you can already see where this is going).

And there’s also a Nasa moon account – yep, now you can definitely see where this is going.

And they did this!


Although, to be fair, the sun’s got around 100k more followers than the moon, so joke’s on them.

To conclude …

And this.


Eclipse jokes overshadowed everything else on the internet – 27 favourites!

Source NASA