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These eclipse killjoys’ ‘no parking’ sign got just the treatment it deserved and it’s next-level shade

Time now for another instalment of our occasional series called ‘mild vandalism’, and this one’s a belter.

It’s a ‘no parking’ sign put up by these eclipse killjoys who wanted to keep all the fun for themselves (or just don’t like people parking in their space, obviously).

And it got just the treatment it deserved, shared by @allisonduerk over on Twitter.

And here it is again – guess what? – in full!

Bravo, people, bravo!

Double oof!

And because we’re talking mild vandalism, here’s another that went viral (and we wrote about) a day or two back.

Aced it.


Nasa went into orbit with its fabulous eclipse joke that put all the rest in the shade

Source @allisonduerk