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Ashley James on Hannah Waddingham calling out that photographer is a minute very well spent

Here’s the perfect post-script to the wonderful Hannah Waddingham calling out that photographer who asked her to ‘show some leg’.

The actress, singer and presenter was on the red carpet ahead of hosting the Olivier theatre awards on Sunday when this happened.

And basically the entire internet stood up and applauded.

And broadcaster and former reality TV star Ashley James – who memorably schooled her fellow This Morning guest Gyles Brandreth on the meaning of ‘woke’ just last week – had the prefect last word.

For a second there we thought Brandreth was going to interrupted with ‘But they call it chestfeeding!’.


Gyles Brandreth was wanging on about ‘woke’ and Ashley James’ magnificent response should be available on prescription

Source @missy2938