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A troll accused Hannah Waddingham of ‘fake outrage’ and the entire internet replied as one

You’ll know by how Hannah Waddingham had everyone applauding with her fabulous response to a photographer on the red carpet who asked her to ‘show some leg’.

But just in case you need reminding …

‘Oh my God, you’d never say that to a man, my friend. Don’t be a dick, otherwise I’ll move off. Don’t say ‘show a little leg’. No.’

And it had people loving the presenter, singer and actress even more than they already did.

Not everyone, though. And when we say not everyone, we mean Neil Sean, who you might remember from Metro back in the day, and is now a ‘media correspondent and filmmaker’.

And this is what he had to say.

And so many said the same thing in response it was visible from space.

To conclude …


Ashley James on Hannah Waddingham calling out that photographer is a minute very well spent

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