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If you only watch one moment from Piers Morgan’s ‘Baby Reindeer’ interview then make it this one

If there’s one conclusion we can draw from the Baby Reindeer saga, it’s that the whole thing has become an absolute mess.

Richard Gadd’s Netflix series has drawn plenty of acclaim, of course, but we wouldn’t exactly call it entertainment to watch something that uncomfortable.

Despite the creator’s insistence people shouldn’t try to track down the real people depicted in the show, it happened – obviously – and Fiona Harvey, the women described as the inspiration behind the character of Martha appeared on Piers Morgan’s Talk TV show on Thursday.

Seems only right that after a programme about you becomes a streaming hit all over the world, you should have some sort of right of reply (and one not afforded by the seven-part drama, obviously).

It prompted lots of memes like this one …

And this.

And also this (bit niche, we know …)

And there will be many thousands more words than we have here on the fallout from the whole thing, but if you only watch one moment from the pair’s exchange last night, make it this one.


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