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Piers Morgan appeared to mock ‘Baby Reindeer’ Fiona Harvey’s £250 Talk TV appearance fee and these 6 people surely said it best

The fallout from Richard Gadd’s Netflix series Baby Reindeer shows no sign of going away just yet after Fiona Harvey, described as the inspiration behind the character of Martha, appeared on Piers Morgan’s Talk TV show last week.

We mention it again because Harvey has subsequently complained about how much she was paid to appear on the show – £250, according to her.

And Morgan’s response on Twitter was bang on brand, if nothing else.

And these 6 people surely said it best.

Just in the interests of balance and all that, here’s what Morgan told ITV’s Lorraine Kelly about her appearance – and what they paid her.

‘We gave her the same amount that we give 95% of our guests. We don’t discuss terms but we pay for a nice haircut, a car and everything else. I think we’ve performed our duty of care well and we’ve stayed in touch with her since.

‘When she came to the studio, she was actually relatively normal. I didn’t get the signs of someone who was mentally unwell but I do think she sends all those messages and I do think that shows that she has an obsessive streak, certainly in relation to Richard Gadd.’

And when it was suggested to him that he conducted the interview ‘for clicks’.

‘Well I have a YouTube channel called Piers Morgan Uncensored and I want people to click on it! Yeah, shock horror! You do a show for ratings, that’s the game we’re in. I want people to watch the content we do, that’s not why I did the interview.’


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