Twitter election Rishi Sunak

First Waitrose, then Ryanair, now Currys – will the last brand to mock Rishi Sunak please shut up shop?

If ever an election launch perfectly captured the chaos of the so-called government that preceded it, then it was surely Rishi Sunak’s surprise announcement in the peeing rain outside Downing Street, drowned out by Things Can Only Get Better.

It prompted no end of mockery – we’ve rounded up 31 of our favourite responses here – and fabulous owns from the Trades Union Congress to Countdown’s Susie Dent.

And was retail brands going to miss out on Twitter? Were they heck.

First up came Waitrose after @scottygb spotted someone carrying their carrier bags into Downing Street just ahead of Sunak’s ill-fated appearances

Aced it!

And then Ryanair – past masters at this sort of thing – got in on the act.

Before Currys hopped aboard the bandwagon and it’s our brand new favourite.



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