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Nigel Farage dunked on Sunak’s D-Day exit – and this response deserves a medal

Amid the sombre and moving celebrations of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings of Normandy, it didn’t go unnoticed that prime minister Rishi Sunak left the proceedings early.


There were rumours that Sunak had ducked out early to get back to the UK to film a TV interview – and that was later confirmed by The Mirror’s John Stevens.

Turns out the PM just had to abandon the UK delegation that was marking one of the most important events in world history when Allied forces invaded France to help to liberate Europe from the Nazis – in order to film a piece with ITV News in which he doubled down on his contentious claims about the tax implications of a Labour victory in the General Election.

Needless to say, it has not gone done well with commentators and other political figures.

The prime minister has since apologised, calling his departure “a mistake“.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped people from poking fun at Sunak’s latest unforced error too.

One person who was vocally critical of Sunak’s decision to leave was the newly-installed/self-declared Reform leader Nigel Farage.

Which, in turn, produced this all-timer of a response to Farage’s outrage from writer Rick Burin.

The reviews for Rick’s response were unanimous raves.

And here were we thinking only Tommy Robinson would have the most brutal D-Day responses of the week.

Truly a fitting end for Nigel Farage’s big week of his milkshake bringing all the election focus to the yard.

Huzzah Rick!