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The children’s minister laughed about not knowing child benefit and Rob Rinder’s no-nonsense response spoke for the nation

As if you needed any more evidence of how confident some – or indeed any – Cabinet ministers are of winning the general election, look no further than minister for children, David Johnston.

The Conservative MP was on Nick Ferrari’s LBC show to talk about, among other things, Rishi Sunak’s latest wheeze to expand child benefit to families with a joint income of £120,000. Because, like, they really need the extra cash.

And we mention it because Ferrari not unreasonably asked Johnston how much child benefit is at the moment, and the minister’s response will have you facepalming into the next government.

We don’t want to sound unparliamentary or anything but seriously. What a tit.

Johnston later turned up on Good Morning Britain where he had a good old chuckle about it.

And kudos to Robbie Rinder for putting him exactly in his place. Can’t we just do the vote thing now and get it over with?

Here are just a few of the many responses it prompted today.

To conclude …

And big up to the judge!

Source @LBC