50 ways to liven up your working day at the office

Liven up your day in the office with a set of fun challenges that will set you on the path to finding a new place of work.

1. Grow yourself a keyboard lawn [via]

2. Devise an entertaining ‘Out Of Office’ reply [via]

3. Champion a corporate Green Policy [via]

4. Stare mindlessly at the sunbathing robots on the adjoining roof [via]

5. Create an entertaining poster [via]

6. Customise your workspace

7. Print this out and stick it on the photocopier. Wait and watch. [via]

8. Hold a MEETING! [via]

9. When she’s out for a meeting – relocate the contents of boss’s office.

10. Always take phone messages [via]

11. Hone your topiary skills in the company car park [via]

12. Get creative with the stationery [via]

13. Dream about landing a more interesting job [via]

14. Surf the web

15. Redefine office job descriptions [via]

16. Work out how to hack the office CCTV system [via]

17. Have fun in corridors

18. Draw-up an realistic work schedule [via]

19. Make shadow puppets [via]

20. Leave a thoughtful gift on a colleague’s desk [via]

21. Text a colleague. Say ‘You better come back to the office. You’ve been given a signicant raise.’ [via]

22. Bake someone a leaving cake [via]

23. Troll the photocopier [via]

24. Attempt to restore karma [via]

 25. Refuse to tolerate pranks..

26. However – DO dole them out to others [via]