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This advice for American single men was already bad enough but this hilarious exchange took it to a whole new level

Over on Twitter – no, stick with us, please – someone called @shagbark_hick had some advice for American men who are convinced they will never find a ‘good woman’ to marry.

We’re not sure about their qualifications but according to their bio they are a ‘Adirondacker, boondocks, geographer [and] incorrigible vagabond’ which may well tell you all you need to know.

And the advice itself went wildly viral for reasons which will surely become apparent.

And here it is in full.

‘Here’s my advice to single American men who feel hopeless about ever finding a good woman to marry:

‘Take a month or two between jobs and drive across the USA. Stop at every gas station and truck stop, and eat every meal at diners during non-rush hours. Avoid cities; stop primarily in poor rural areas out in the middle of nowhere.

‘Every time you see a pretty cashier or waitress with a good vibe, politely ask her out. Tell her you’re out seeing the country and looking for a place to settle and a good woman to marry. Repeat until you’ve found someone to go steady with.

‘This worked for at least one young, awkward guy I knew at a Catholic Church in Louisiana. Met his wife at Love’s on I-80 in Iowa. She converted, moved to Louisiana with him, and they go back to Iowa together every Christmas, fueling up at the truck stop where they met. She was giddy to find him, as most of the men in her town were either already married or total losers. They were both in their early 30’s when they met.

‘I had planned on doing this when I got out of the military, but Providence had it that I’d never have to try it out — I’d be engaged to Keturah just before my discharge. But I say to any young man having trouble finding a woman it’s absolutely worth a try.

‘At worst, you see the country and go on a few bad dates. At best, you find the love of your life.’

And it prompted lots of responses as you might imagine, like this.

And this.

But we mention it because of this particular exchange with the original poster which took the facepalm to a whole new level, highlighted by @ThatJakePC who said: ‘I can’t quit this place.’


Source @shagbark_hick H/T @ThatJakePC